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After years of selling multiple brands of water ionizers and reviewing more ionized alkaline water machines than anyone in the industry, we have decided to sell one brand of water ionizer only. We have had excellent feedback and results with the Chanson Brand Ionized Alkaline Water machine. We will continue to offer the full line of Chanson ionizers, custom filters and innovative health products for our loyal customers. For all of our past Jupiter, Life, Enagic, Goldfox, and Tyent customers, we thank you for your business and will try to help you with any continuing needs that you may have.
Ionized Alkaline Water Machines - The Impact on your Health is Simply Amazing
After over 25 years of use in Asia as medical devices, ionized alkaline water machines have been proven to provide major benefits for a wide range of diseases and ailments. Alkaline water machines, also known as alkaline water ionizers, can allow you to enjoy improved disease prevention and mental clarity, increased energy and fat burning, and much more. Click here to learn more about alkaline water ionizers >>
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  Live Better, Drink Ionized Alkaline Water
Do you know what your current drinking water is doing to your health? Studies show that drinking purified or distilled water can lead to mineral deficiencies in your body…your tap water contains measurable particles of drugs and pharmaceuticals, and most waters are too acidic for your body’s pH! For optimal well-being you need alkaline water, a “living,” electrically-charged water that easily passes through your tissues and allows your body to absorb essential alkalizing minerals.

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Chanson USA - The Source For Alkaline Water

Proven Results of Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water

See before and after proof.


Before Alkaline Water Treatment Ronnie Ruiz's very unhealthy blood after about 30 days of drinking ionized water. We are seeing yeast cells and what we call Target Cells. RBCs with white spots or white yeast forms inside. Indicating the diet is to high in carbohydrates/simple sugars, a sugar intolerance and /or imbalance. We also see some RBCs that look like bottle caps. This is a more significant indication of latent tissue acidosis at the cellular level and the body's inability to remove acid waste through the urinary tract. Therefore building up and causing the cells to break down and start there biological transformation into bacteria. Overall this is not healthy blood.


Amazing Results After Alkaline Water Treatment
Ronnie Ruiz very healthy blood cells after drinking Ionized water for about 18 months. (It doesn't take 18 months to change this dramatically that's just how long he waited before having it re-tested.) These tests were conducted by Nutritional Microscopist, Mark Pace, who will verify that these are actual results. Mark is also available to test your blood if you live in the Southern California, Orange County area you can reach him at: Eightfoldhealth.comWater Ionizer Video


Read about "Electrolyzed water" featured in the Los Angeles Times and KTLA5
(Note:Ionized water is electrolyzed water and our machines do not need to use salt.)


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